Map: Barbecue Contests, Cookouts, and Festivals in the United States

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Last week, we shared a national guide to barbecue events in the United States. Though my knowledge of barbecue events is pretty limited, I included as many local events as I could find. But I thought it'd be interesting to open things up to anyone out there. Here's a simple Google map for plotting barbecue events across America. We've made it an open collaboration, so any of you can add to it! And we hope you will. The map, after the jump.

View Cookouts, Competitions, and Festivals: The Serious Eats Barbecue Directory in a larger map

How to Add to This Map

Open the map in a larger window, then click "Edit" and add the barbecue event to the list. You can also make a suggestion in the comments or email me directly; I will update the map periodically with your feedback.

This is clearly not a foolproof system, but the comments we've seen so far in response to these stories reflect an impressive store of knowledge. Wouldn't it be great to move some of that smoky wisdom to a community resource?

Know of a great barbecue event in your locale? A competition where barbecue lovers can witness the most serious smoke? A festival where newcomers can experience great barbecue firsthand? An educational event where anyone can learn how to find or cook quality 'cue?

If so, add your favorite barbecue event to this map and sign with your Serious Eats handle to represent. Be sure to include a brief description of each event you add. Include any relevant links to official websites, news stories, or blog posts to give readers an idea of what to expect and how to participate.

As a courtesy to fellow readers, please do not provide false information or use this map as a personal billboard/soapbox (direct your discussion and debate to the comments section of our roundup post).

This is entirely open-source, so let's do our best to make it a great resource!

—The Serious Eats Barbecue Bureau