Anthony Bourdain On Culinary School

20100921-bourdain-book.jpgYesterday Michael Ruhlman reprinted an excerpt from Anthony Bourdain's latest book, Medium Raw. Within the excerpt, Bourdain addresses the question of whether aspiring chefs should go to culinary school.

"The short answer," he says, is "no."

It's not that Bourdain thinks culinary school is an inherently bad idea. But he warns that even a degree from the very best school is no guarantee of a job, and there's serious debt involved. If you're not quite young and not quite fit, a career as a chef may not be for you. If you crave a predictable hours and a manageable level of stress, it may not be for you. Before you sign up for all that debt, he says, you should go work in a kitchen and make sure you really, truly want to be a chef.

There's more good advice in the excerpt. But I want to hear from you: Serious Eaters, have you considered culinary school? Do we have any aspiring chefs in the house?