Wine of the Week: Lamarca Prosecco DOC


This is the scan of my actual cap!

It's rare that a wine tastes just as the tasting notes suggest, but my Lamarca Prosecco DOC was exactly as described: honeyed floral and white peach aromas, dry, crisp, and refreshing, a hint of grapefruit, and a light, effervescent texture. It's a sparkler from the Veneto region of Italy, so, keeping with the theme, I drank it with a vegetarian risotto—it struck all the right notes. It's priced right, too, at $12.

Although I enjoyed the wine, perhaps what I loved best was the exceptionally beautiful top to the cork cage. It's a painting of an arched wall rendered in gorgeous primary colors—blues, reds, and yellows—like a Renaissance-era painting by one of the Italian masters. I disposed of the elegant dark bottle with the Tiffany-blue label, but kept the cork cage.

Do you have any favorite wine bottle art, whether corks, cork cages, or labels?

Full disclosure: The bottle was sent to me by a PR rep, but I've seen it in a few smaller wine stores and online.