Happy National Waffle Day!


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]



Everything you need to make the most important meal of the day delicious.

Hey, guess what? It's National Waffle Day! The "holiday" marks the anniversary of the first U.S. patent for a waffle iron, which Cornelius Swarthout received on August 24, 1869. How good a name is Cornelius Swarthout? And how bad do you want a waffle right now? (You do, you really do.) Whether it's the thick and crisp Belgian kind, the denser and chewier Li├Ęge, the syrup-filled stroopwafels, or the frozen ones from a box (no shame), be sure to honor the waffle today.

5 Waffle Recipes

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Beer Waffles
Frozen Waffle Maple Sausage Casserole
Chocolate Banana Waffles
Moffles (Mochi Waffles)