Gadgets: Scoop Colander by Joseph Joseph


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Oh, Joseph Joseph. I love your products. Really, I do. You have a way with design and function that drives me crazy in the best of ways, and you've never, ever failed me before. It's no wonder that I have a hard time calling one of your products useless or poorly engineered, but I can't hide my feelings from you any longer—it just wouldn't be fair. I love this relationship we have going, but that scoop colander has just got to go ($7 at

Your collapsible colander is perfect—it's served me for months and months and still going strong—so maybe I was just asking for trouble by buying something so similar. But lust got the best of me—the scoop spoon was just a few bucks and is small enough to hide away; I figured it would do no harm. Little did I know, Joseph Joseph, that this would be our first big fight.

See, the spoon scoop just isn't really good for anything. Too cumbersome and large to use with saucepans up to 3 quarts, it's automatically cut out of the picture most days—there's a reason most cooking utensils are more-or-less a standard size.

For those, like me, who only use larger pots for things like pasta and soup, it makes no sense. What am I going to fish out of those pots, especially when spaghetti is too slippery for your elusive scooping? Dumplings and fried goods come out of the pot easily with a slotted spoon, and don't think you're replacing that one—he's a classic, stand-up guy. I just can't seem to figure out where your scoop colander belongs in my life, or in my kitchen. Maybe that's the problem: It doesn't. But don't be too upset with me, Joseph Joseph, I'll make up with you soon—you always seem to get me back to you anyways.