Favorite Chats with a Grocery Store Cashier?


[Flickr: juicyrai]

I often leave Trader Joe's thinking I've become best pals with the checkout person. They compliment your good taste ("aren't those whole-wheat English muffins just the greatest?"), want to talk music ("the Nina Simone cover of this is awesome"—they also play fun shopping music) and just say the darnedest things. Like last night, when I bought bananas. I could have sworn they were green when they first flopped into my basket, but they were patently yellow-green once we reached the checkout.

"Wow, I swear these were green before," I said, making some chit-chat with my check-out guy.

He started shaking his head. "Bananas are just, crazy. They're IN-sane. They're like the Mel Gibson of fruit."

I am thankful for interactions such as this one. Do you ever crack up with your check-out person? Have they shared any life wisdom? Fruit metaphors?