Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 132: On Hiatus But Not Asleep at the Serious Diet Wheel


[Flickr: michaeljameslewis]

I'm back in San Francisco after spending two full (pun intended) eating days in Los Angeles with Midtown Lunch's Zach Brooks and two of our men in burgers, Nick Solares and Damon Gambuto. I'm taking a week off from weighing in, but I have not taken a week off from my serious diet.

I've exercised five of the seven days I've been gone, and have tried to limit my food intake to two or three bites of even the most seriously delicious items. I've only felt sickeningly full once, when my eyes and appetite got the best of me at this fantastic Santa Monica bakery/breakfast place, Huckleberry. I have eaten tons of fresh fruit and vegetables and salad, including strawberries at the Santa Monica farmers' market that were so sweet I could have sworn they were candied. Mother nature had indeed blessed these strawberries.

Anyway, I'll be back next week with a full report, including jumping on Thinner with both feet. Onward and upward, serious eaters.