Condiments in Indonesia: Kecap Manis

20100825-ca-condiments-kecap-manis.jpgSerious Eats' Culinary Ambassadors check in from time to time with reports on food fare in their homeland or countries of residence. Here's the latest! —The Mgmt.

In Indonesia, everybody has a bottle of kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) in their pantry.

We use it to make fried rice, stir fries, "sambals," to dip fried tofus and rice crackers—basically a staple condiment in the table to accompany meals. I can say that most Indonesians would agree that a plate of warm rice with fried eggs and sweet soy sauce drizzled on top is the ultimate comfort food, especially when there's no time to grocery shop or you're away from home.


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