This Week in Recipes


[Photo: Kerry Saretsky]

All About the Onions: Our French in a Flash columnist makes savory tarts with sweet onion and goat cheese—so good she finished the batch.

Kung Pao Chicken: Put down that takeout menu—J. Kenji Lopez-Alt writes one mean kung pao chicken recipe after showing us the ropes of how to stir fry.

Better Than a Drink: Caroline Russcock stirs in a splash of cola and rum for some seriously good Cuba Libre brownies.

Smoking Allowed: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt shows us how to smoke food with a wok, then includes a killer recipe for tea-smoked chicken wings.

Strong and Rich: Helenjane uses refrigerated crescent rolls in her rich, eggy sausage breakfast casserole, perfect for a hearty brunch.

Spicy and Fried:: Andrea Lynn's okra-fried jalapenos will have you munching like an addict.