In Season: Arugula


[Photo credit: Elayna's Pantry on flickr]

Move over, iceberg. Beat it, Boston bibb. Arugula, with its artistically-shaped leaves and peppery flavor, packs quite a flavor punch into each bite. You might also recognize it under the name rocket, a derivation of the French roquette. Originally grown in the Mediterranean region, these days its popularity has grown. While frequently grown in parts of Italy, it can be found all over the world, and used in a variety of international cuisines, including as a digestive alcohol.

When buying arugula, look for vibrantly colored leaves free of wilting or rot. Try to use leaves as soon as possible. To harness its unique taste, try it in sandwiches, mixed in with milder greens in a salad, a classic pizza topping, or an assertive side dish. It can be beautifully effective used in the right quantities—just enough to add its bite and spiciness without overwhelming a dish.

Arugula Recipes