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[Photo: Wikimedia Commons]

This peachy-hued relative of the plum has a long and storied history. Thought in the past to be a medicine, an aphrodisiac, a cancer cure, and a childbirth inducer, it's also well, pretty delicious as plain ol' food.

Several sources place the fruit as native to China, then brought to Armenia where it enjoyed an enthusiastic reception. Today, 95% of apricots produced in the US are from the sunny land of California, and they're popular as jams and dried (and possibly dipped in chocolate). They're also excellent sources of Vitamin A and C

When buying apricots, pick out fruit with rich, orange or yellow hues that are slightly soft to the touch. Slice them up and eat them fresh, use them to flavor syrups and alcohols, bake them into pies, or make a chutney. Some of the recipes below call for dried apricots and apricot jams, so you can enjoy the unique flavor of the fruit in every form.

Apricot Recipes

What's your favorite way to eat an apricot?