Gadgets: Utensil Pot Clip by Trudeau


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As we've seen in Gadgets before, sometimes the smallest (and cheapest) kitchen accessories are the most useful. So is the case with this little guy, the Utensil Pot Clip, whom I picked up recently for a fiver at Sur La Table.

Like a chip clip with a hook, it adds a spoon rest to any pan or pot—perfect for those whose stoves don't have space between burners for an actual spoon rest (like me). Instead of dripping sauce on the burner or counter as my spoons travel left and right, they now drip back into the pot. And when not in use, I'll clip this onto my pot racks for easy storage—no cleaning necessary. Surprisingly, it holds onto all types of tools pretty well, from my thin wooden spoons to my flat metal utensils and thicker, bulkier plastic ones. Honestly, what more could you ask for from a five-buck gizmo?