Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 130: Has Hummus Become My Weakness?


Beware of levitating anthropomorphic hummus blobs chasing you! [Doodle: Robyn Lee]

I knew I had a peanut butter problem. If there was a jar in the house I couldn't stop eating it. So I stopped buying peanut butter, even though I love it so. Now I'm worried that I have the same problem with my favorite brand of hummus. It's so creamy and smooth (kind of like a creamy, savory peanut butter) and seriously delicious (as we noted in our hummus blind taste test a while back) that I have a hard time not finishing the whole tub once I start.

At my local supermarket I buy the 10-ounce tubs of my favorite hummus, which has 70 calories per 2-tablespoon serving, and a bag of pretzel crisps. The problem is, once I start dipping the pretzels in the hummus container I often can't stop until most of the hummus and the pretzels are gone. There are ten servings in each tub. Serious eaters, I have a hummus problem.

So I've started taking the necessary steps to deal with my problem. I've looked online to see if there are any hummus 12-step programs. No luck. I've started using a tablespoon measure for my hummus. I put four tablespoons in a bowl, and I've starting substituting carrots for the pretzel crisps. This becomes a fine dinner on a hot summer night, not a diet-killing snack. Sometimes I still have a few pretzel crisps, but as long as the carrots are on the plate as well, I'm all right.

So, serious eaters, we are going to have to monitor the hummus situation. If my weight starts creeping up in the next few weeks, I'm going to have to come up with a different program.

The Weigh-In

I limited my hummus intake to one package this week and managed to contain myself when I had hummus for dinner one day this week. This week there have been a lot of croissants in the office, along with about 25 pints of ice cream we are tasting for the Serious Eats book.

I've stayed strong, and interim weigh-ins have been inconclusive (it's tough to lose weight the week after I've lost two pounds).

Here we go: 220. Up a pound from last week, when I lost two pounds. I see continued hummus vigilance on the horizon.