Videos: 6 Japanese Curry Commercials


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To finish off Japanese Curry Week, during which we learned about curry roux, ready-made curry, and how to make it from scratch, here's a round-up of six Japanese curry commercials spanning the past 40 years, after the jump.

Mars Oriental Curry

My Japanese skills are pretty bad, but what I gather from this commercial is that this curry contains mango, melon, apple, raisins, and maybe other fruits.

House Vermont Curry (Skiing)

You know you're in Vermont when you're being served by anthropomorphic snowmen. Also, when there's a giant sign that says, "VERMONT."

Mario Curry

Mario doesn't sit down to a bowl of curry—he eats it while swinging in a trapeze.

S&B's Curry for Kids

Kids, if you want curry, you have to outrun this two-dimensional prince, princess, and bear.

Pokemon Curry

Oh man, more cute kids. The girl squealing, "OISHIII!" sounds a little nuts, but that's probably an accurate representation of what Pokemon-themed curry does to little kids' brains.

Glico Two-layered Curry Blocks

When I try to translate the product page with Google, I get, "Elicit a sense of aging over time by heating the material base of umami 'formula rich roasted up' and New, deeper bodied, mushrooms and seaweed extract, 'umami ingredients,' added." ...I'm sure one of you can provide a better description than that.