Truck Farm Announces Winners of the Wicked Delicate Garden Contest


From left: Ian and Curt with their Truck Farm. [Photograph: Truck Farm]

You may remember Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis from the Meet & Eat we posted a few weeks ago. At the time, they were gathering entries to their Wicked Delicate Garden Contest, a chance for young people across the country to show off ways to make gardens in unexpected places. The entries were judged by Michael Pollan, Alice Waters, and Marion Nestle for "creativity and resourcefulness," and last week the winners were announced!


Curt presenting the prize to students from Prospect Charter School. [Photograph: Truck Farm]

There were three categories for entries: elementary school, middle school, and high school/college. The elementary school victors, from Glover School in Massachusetts, built their garden of green beans in a lunchbox. The middle schoolers, from Prospect Charter School in Brooklyn, New York, made their a funky disco ball garden. And students from Brown University topped the high school/college category, with their garden in a bicycle basket.

Each winner received their very own Red Wriggler worm farm to help fertilize and grow their unique gardens. It's great to see students thinking about urban farming in new and inventive ways.

Click over to the contest site to see more of the entries.