A Tour of Serious Eats Headquarters

"A lot of people might not know there is a Serious Eats office," Serious Eats general manager Alaina Browne told me. I was pretty surprised myself at first, but am here to set the record straight. This office exists, and it's a pretty magical, cookbook-filled, and snack-friendly place.

Located in New York City in a building across from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Chelsea, the Serious Eats office is a revolving door of people—the seven-person full-time staff, local contributors, interns, friends, and the regular UPS or FedEx dude (or dudette) delivering perishable packages from across the country.

You walk in and immediately get the sense of collaboration and community. Everyone does their job extremely well, and trust me, they have fun doing it. Disc jockey duties are usually doled out to Erin or Adam (Ed gets his Van Morrison in there sometimes too) and the tabletops are covered in food—cookies, pastrami, hummus, you name it. The staff is a quirky assembly of incredibly intelligent people brought together by their passion for food.

As a contributor, I want to reveal what any outsider would be agog to know, and what the staffers themselves may forget is so interesting about their wonderful office space.

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