This Week in Recipes


[Photo credit: J. Kenji Alt-Lopez Alt]

Perfect French Fries: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt goes on an exacting mission to figure out how McDonald's perfected their french fry recipe. The results are explosive. And crispy.

Very Niçoise: Kerry Saretsky gives a recipe for a coup de foudre—love at first bite—from the South of France, in the form of fried olives.

Great Grill: J. Kenji Lopez-Alt reveals the trick to getting great pizza crusts at home is right on your grill.

Fennel Pizza: Slice expert Adam Kuban pronounces Brooklyn's Paulie Gee's braised fennel pizza "spectacular." You, too, can attempt it.

Gluten-free 'wiches: For the wheat-intolerant, Elizabeth Barbone lets you have your sandwich bread and eat it too.

Bread Baking: Dark roasted malted barley is incorporated into dbcurrie's well-hued rye bread recipe.

Wagging Tongues: Chichi bestows a tongue cassoulet to the fans of Nasty Bits.