This Week In Recipes

20100518chopped salad.jpg

French in a Flash: Kerry Saretsky creates this brie and brown sugar tartine for a perfect afternoon snack with three ingredients in her pantry.

Dinner Tonight: Back from the market with a few fresh vegetables, Nick Kindelsperger uses Scandinavian influences to create this recipe for potato and asparagus salad with mustard dressing.

Eat for Eight Bucks: Robin Bellinger makes good use of fresh spring turnips and other seasonal vegetables with this spring turnip salad.

The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread: Dbcurrie shares a recipe for the simplest white bread ever, which requires no special equipment or ingredients and only a good loaf pan.

Beyond Guacamole: Carolyn Cope, aka The Crisper Whisperer, shares five ways to make use of the tasty, ripe avocados readily available in markets this spring.