This Week In Recipes


Souper Satisfying: Nick Kindelsperger whips up a pot of simple but fully flavorful sopa de ajo, or garlic soup, which incorporates toasted bread in the base and a poached egg finish.

Take Out at Home: Instead of placing an order at your favorite Chinese joint, try this economical and healthy alternative to pork fried rice, all for under $8.

In Breads: Agreat recipe for homemade semolina braided bread—perfect for a weekend baking project.

A Meatless Meal: Caroline Russock tests out this recipe for scallion, radish, and cucumber salad with cashews and vermicelli from this week's Cook the Book, The Vegetarian Option by Simon Hopkinson.

The Crumb Theory: According to Cakespy, when it comes to crumbs, more is better, so she created this recipe for behemoth crumb cake featuring a whole lot of crumb and just a sliver of cake.