This Week In Recipes


French in a Flash: Kerry Saretsky creates a spin on a classic from the South of France with this light and flavorful recipe for Pissaladière pasta.

A Sichuan Dinner: Nick Kindelsperger shares a perfect dinner recipe for mapo tofu, which combines many of the great flavors and spices found in Sichuan cuisine.

Make Your Own Grahams: Stopping by weekly with bread recipes, community member "Dbcurrie" shows you how to create whole wheat peanut butter graham crackers.

Fun with Fondue: Blake Royer combines irresistible Monterey Jack and tangy Mexican cotija cheeses with spicy chorizo, resulting in this Mexican "fondue" with chorizo and tomatillo salsa.

The Nasty Bits: Upon returning to New York City with several bags of the highest quality meats, Chichi Wang makes excellent use of pig's head with this recipe for headcheese.