Cook the Book: 'The Vegetarian Option'


I go through the bulk of the colder months sustaining on a hearty, decidedly meat-heavy diet full of braises and roasts that keep me warm and satisfied. But invariably when the weather becomes temperate and the produce selection widens, vegetables are where my cravings lie. I'd be just as happy with some grilled asparagus in May as I would with bœuf bourguignon in January.

Enjoying vegetables at their peak is nothing new but at times it seems that grilling up a few steaks comes more naturally for some than dressing spring greens. But for those of us who need a seasonal vegetable tutorial, Simon Hopkinson, acclaimed British chef and author is here to offer up his take on meatless meals that are primarily delicious and incidentally vegetarian with The Vegetarian Option.

What sets The Vegetarian Option apart is that it's not a book written by a vegetarian chef. In fact, Hopkinson penned a book entitled Roast Chicken and Other Stories featuring all manner of meaty preparations. Coming from this omnivorous perspective, Hopkinson is able to create an entire book full of recipes that will sate vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

Everyday this week we will be featuring dishes from The Vegetarian Option that might take you out of your normally meat-centric comfort zone but will never leave you hungry or wondering when the meat course is arriving and taking full advantage of all of the wonderful produce that May has to offer.

Win 'The Vegetarian Option'

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