This Week in Recipes


Baking Bread: It's time to stop feeling intimidated by bread recipes, especially when you have this simple recipe for white-potato egg sandwich loaf brought to you by Serious Eats community member and our new bread-baking columnist Donna Currie (aka dbcurrie).

Coleslaw Français: If you're looking to add a little international twist to your usual slaw recipe, Kerry Saretsky has a perfect option with this apple celeriac remoulade with crab.

Attention PB&J Nuts: Caroline Russock tests out this recipe for peanut butter and jelly bread from My Bread by Jim Lahey.

Dinner Tonight: Nick Kindelsperger creates a recipe that incorporates simple, fresh, and aromatic ingredients in this ginger and cilantro baked tilapia

The Nasty Bits: Chichi Wang realizes that, deep down, she really loves chopped liver, resulting in this recipe for chopped liver with gribenes.