Poll: Would You Eat the KFC Double Down Sandwich?


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

Well, we did. (We did it for you!) KFC released the meat-on-meat Double Down sandwich today. It's two boneless white chicken fillets acting as the bread ends (you have your choice between "original" fried and grilled) with two slices of cheese (Monterey and Pepper Jack), two slices of bacon, and a slather of the "Colonel's Sauce" (a creamy peach-colored goo) inside. We tried both:

Fried (Original Recipe)


The breaded outside (so it's not totally breadless) is very peppery—like gets you in the back of the throat peppery. It's also very dry, which normally wouldn't be a compliment for chicken, but in this case, since it's trying to moonlight as bread, dry is probably better. As in, you can eat it without getting chicken slime all over your fingers. Woo, one point for dry chicken!

We wanted this to be one of those bad-good foods that's not good but an I-hope-nobody-sees-me-ordering-this pleasure foods. It's not, really. It's just some overly-seasoned chicken with an odd-tasting sauce and too much cheese inside, and the bacon was definitely not hanging over the sides as the ad portrayed. We practically had to pull out tweezers to find it.

And it's nearly $6! (Prices may vary, but give or take.) Think of all the food you could buy with that. Like, a couple slices of pizza. Or, a better-tasting sandwich with actual bread, for example.



This is a skinny 460 calories compared to the 540 calories in the fried Double Down.

All right, first question, how do you eat this? As opposed to the fried one, this was slathered in some brown, vaguely sweet "grill" sauce. The wrapper says "Warning: HOT." What it should really say is "Warning: Slippery." We went the plastic cutlery route on this, which is pretty annoying for a sandwich.

Did you race to KFC to try a Double Down today? And if not, would you eat this?