Launching Today: FoodCorps, 'AmeriCorps for Food'


Given all the negative light that's been shed on school lunches, it's great to see FoodCorps come along. The program, which launched today, is sort of an "AmeriCorps of food." In fact, FoodCorps, whose founders began planning its future this week, operates under the aegis of AmeriCorps.

FoodCorps hopes to begin operating in 2011, with the help of recruits who will serve yearlong terms "in school food systems in communities of need." Among the duties FoodCorps envisions for its recruits: building and tending school gardens, conducting nutrition education, and building farm-to-school supply chains.

FoodCorps' funding comes from grants from the Corporation for National and Community Service and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

Jane Black of the Washington Post covered the program pretty well here. If you want to become involved, visit For now, you can sign up for their mailing list or schedule a time to get in on their monthly conference calls.