Is Your Pet Named After a Food (or Food Critic)?


Meet Bruni. [Photograph: Christie Dang]

A few weeks ago, my friend sent around an email asking for help naming her new dog:

We're getting a little Frenchie on Sunday and need help naming it, preferably food-related! It's a cream-colored, chubby boy. Some names we've thrown around: Pork chop...Burrito...Kumquat. Any ideas, please forward my way!!

My vote went to Burrito, hands down (paws down?). Just picture it all bundled in a blanket! With all those flabby fur rolls bursting out like, uh, carne asada and guacamole. Plus, yelling "Kumquat" at the park would just be weird. But they decided to go with another name—a name that's not even a food, but a food critic. Bruni, as in Frank Bruni. I knew they read the former New York Times critic's reviews every Wednesday morning, religiously, but wow. So if you're listening, Frank Bruni, there's a ridiculously adorable pup named after you. Anyone else have a pet with a food-related name?

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