Gadgets: The Universal, Hold-All-Your-Knives-And-Utensils Block by Kapoosh


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"When you stick in a knife, the strands move to accommodate its shape, settling around it to hold it in place."



I was curious about the Kapoosh universal, hold-all-your-knives-and-utensils block ($29.99, from the get-go. The pictures were unclear no matter how sharp they were, and something mysterious was clearly going on.

Was it foam that filled this block that could hold any of my knives, regardless of size? If so, how long would it last before it disintegrated from being stabbed time and time again? And in that case, why does this thing exist in the first place? But the concept lured me in, and the purchase proved my doubts to be all wrong.

The Kapoosh universal block, for starters, isn't made of foam. Though that's how the pictures made it seem, it's actually a block filled tightly with thin spaghetti-like strands of knife-friendly plastic material. When you stick in a knife, the strands move to accommodate its shape, settling around it to hold it in place. Hence the super-long (and somewhat ballsy) name for the product, which claims it holds not only knives but utensils as well.

No matter how much they weigh, how sharp they are, or what size, things do stand still, suspended in the weird mass of plastic threads, and there's no damage done no matter how much you stab and stab (this is fun, seriously, it might make the purchase worth it for therapeutic purposes alone). Finally, my random collection of knives—which would never fit into a conventional block due to their assorted nature—has a communal home, and one that doesn't look too bad on my counter at that.

The only gripe? Mine is a little on the small side. It wouldn't fit a full set of knives and steak knives, but it sure does come close, and other sizes do exist.

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