Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 117: Getting Back to What Works for Me

20080502-scale.jpgI'll admit it, serious eaters. I was feeling discouraged after last week's Serious Diet post. Some of the comments upset me, though I know everyone was just trying to help. But what was even more upsetting was the upward direction of my weigh-ins.

I felt bewildered, overwhelmed, even helpless. It wasn't until Sunday that I finally came to grips with what had been going on. Even more important, I figured out something very concrete that I could do about it. Where did I find such solace? In my very own words. Direct from last week's post.

"Try harder, eat smarter, exercise more." The last sentence of last week's post. Actually it should read try harder, eat smarter by eating half of what's on my plate, and exercise frequently however I can.

I don't know why I had gotten away from the things that have enabled me to lose 40 pounds, but I had. So I had to go back to them:

Let's break these down:

Try Harder: To me that means staying focused on watching my caloric intake at all times. This requires constant focus and relentless discipline when it comes to what I eat. I somehow had gotten into the habit of taking Fridays and Saturdays off. My rationale: I could make up for my weekend excesses by really going cold turkey on seriously delicious food from Monday through Thursday. Stupid me, stupid rationalization. No more.

Eat Smarter: I have to limit my eating to a maximum of half of what's put in front of me. We did a sandwich tasting for the Serious Eats book on Wednesday which featured six ridiculously good sandwiches: hot lobster roll, muffuletta, pork belly banh mi, reuben, grilled cheese, and Cuban sandwiches.

Sounds like a recipe for diet disaster, doesn't it? But I stayed strong. I took one bite of each and gave the rest to the ever grateful serious eaters assembled at Carey's apartment.

Exercise-wise I swam Saturday, Sunday and Monday, played squash on Tuesday, swam on Thursday, and I am going to play squash this morning. It might not be the optimal weight loss exercise regimen, but I'm confident it will work for me. It's worked in the past. It should again.

The Weigh-In

Here we go. The trend line for the week has been really good. I did go out for a review meal last night, but I ate smart. 223. Down three pounds from last week. Eat smart, indeed.