Dulce de Leche Oreos: What They Are, What They Should Be


What they are. Not what they should be. [Photographs: Robyn Lee]

A few weeks ago, in this post on food souvenirs, I mentioned that I'd brought back from Argentina a few packs of dulce de leche Oreos (which have been slowly disappearing from Serious Eats World HQ). To which SE'r Christina responded, and quite rightly so:

You can't say dulce de leche Oreos and leave it at that! is there a picture, or can you tell us more about them? I'm salivating at the prospect.

See, we salivated at the prospect, too. Classic Oreos plus a sweet, silky layer of dulce de leche: what wasn't to love?

Unfortunately, quite a lot. The dulce de leche filling tastes little like dulce de leche: It's sweet, but in a strange sort of powdery way—cotton candy meets liquid smoke meets fake cream filling. All in all, not too exciting.

So we took matters into our own hands.


After all, doesn't dulce de leche Oreo just sound like, well, dulce de leche plus an Oreo? And that's easy enough to do. So we broke out our jar of the stuff (also straight from a Carrefour in Buenos Aires) and crafted the dulce de leche Oreo we'd been hankering for.


First question: Does the dulce de leche stand in for the cream filling, or go right on top? Clearly, we had to try both ways.


In terms of both flavor and aesthetics, we preferred the version with cream still inside—that extra barrier actually helps to isolate the flavors of the chocolate cookie and the dulce de leche, so they don't just fade into a single super-sweet chocolatey bite. Three distinct and delicious tastes in every mouthful.