The Obsession with DoubleTree Hotel's Warm Chocolate-Chip Cookies


[Photographs: Erin Zimmer]

22100413-doubletree3.jpgDoubleTree seemed like just another hotel chain to me, until I stayed there—and was handed a warm cookie with my room card. Ah, that's right, this is the cookie hotel!


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The front desk lady pulled out the paper bag from a warming drawer next to her computer. (This has to be the best purpose for a drawer.) And somewhere around the world that day, about 30,000 warm chocolate-chip-walnut cookies would be pulled out of DoubleTree warming drawers at various locations, according to their website (yes, the cookies get their own page) .

Each DoubleTree bakes multiple batches of the frozen dough daily, so they have about three times as many cookies as guests checking in that day. DoubleTree knows there will inevitably be cookie moochers, but they don't judge. Go ahead, have another.

So are they good? It's pretty hard for a cookie that's both warm and free to be bad—and luckily, they really aren't bad! Little oaty flecks give them good texture and with all those melty chocolate chips (apparently 15 in each) you'll definitely get a chocolate hit in every bite. It's just the right size too—not a monster, but not a mini. And who isn't in the mood for a cookie upon first checking into a hotel?

The tradition started in the early 1980s. Since then, the cookie love has become so strong (OK, obsessive) they actually sell them online through Christie Cookie Company, a Nashville-based bakery that actually supplies the cookie dough to the hotels. Sure they're good, but doesn't eating one outside of a DoubleTree (where there is no warming tray! and they're not free!) take away some of the magic?

If you want to try baking them at home, this recipe from Food Geeks is apparently just like the real deal.


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