Video: Cat Drinking Water With its Paw, and Other Drinking Methods


How does a cat drink water? Let me count the ways. It can dip its paw into a bowl and lick the water off; it can stick its head under a faucet and catch the water that drips off its head; it can stick its head in a bowl and lap up the water; it can lap the water from a running faucet. And more, all much more compelling than humans drinking water. (And if you're wondering whether "cats drinking water" is food-related enough, I say "yes.") Watch the videos after the jump.

Drinking Water With its Paw

[via Urlesque]

Sticking its Head Under a Sink Faucet

Sticking its Tongue In a Sink Faucet's Stream

Sticking its Tongue in a Tub Faucet's Stream

Sticking its Paw Under a Stream and Licking Off the Water

Lapping Water Out of a Bowl

Lapping Water Out of a Cup

I'm sure there are more, but I have to draw the line somewhere.