Tomorrow Is Pi Day!


[Photo: Frites and Fries]

Whether you love flaky pastry or calculating the circumference of a circle, tomorrow's Pi Day—March 14, or 3.14—is the holiday for you.

We talk an awful lot about our favorite pies on Serious Eats, but for tomorrow's occasion, we can't improve upon the savory pie pictured above, from food blog Frites and Fries. The Greek letter prompted a Greek-inspired creation filled with ground lamb, apples, and raisins:

I made a sweet and savory meat pie because I wanted to take advantage of Archimedes' name and be able to say Archi-meaty. Word play! Archimedes tried to approximate the value of pi by drawing a bunch of polygons with a bunch of different sides via method of exhaustion, to make it as close to a perfect circle as possible.

It's just one of many entries in our Pi Day Bake-off this year, which we're cosponsoring with the folks of ScienceBlogs. You have until midnight on Sunday to enter!