Stumptown Coffee vs. Starbucks, an Overview of 'Third-Wave Coffee'


[Photograph: Stumptown Coffee]

Writer Josh Ozersky gives a quick primer on "third-wave coffee" in Time magazine, highlighting Stumptown Coffee, which many coffeehounds hold up as the leader in the movement. While it may taste better to beanheads, it's nowhere near becoming the next Starbucks, Ozersky says.

[Stumptown founder Duane] Sorenson, despite being famous for his dismissal of coffee infidels, takes a more diplomatic tack: "Starbucks laid the path. They made people aware. They offered better coffee in their time than was out there. But now there's far more specialty coffee out there today, and there will be even more so five years from now that will give the consumer—Midwest, West Coast, East Coast, wherever—a lot more options than Starbucks."


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