Our Peeps Diorama: Street Food Vendor Peeps


[Photographs: Erin Zimmer]

Ever since the Washington Post started their Peeps diorama contest four years ago, it's become an Easter tradition now to see what amazing entries they get. They just put up this year's Peeps Show slideshow, which we've been clicking through and loving. One of our favorites has to be "Peepstern Market," inspired by the historic Easter Market hall in D.C. and the winner "Eep," an homage to the Pixar flick Up, where the hot air balloon is made of gobs of Peeps stuck together. Watch this video to see how they made it.

Unfortunately we don't live in the DC-Virginia-Maryland area, so we couldn't enter the contest, however we did make our own diorama inspired by our love of street food. Look at some close-ups after the jump.


This scene is supposed to be a snapshot from the Vendy Awards, organized by the Street Vendor Project each year to honor the best of New York City's carts, trucks, and other mobile contraptions serving food. Here you have ice cream vendor Peep (inspired by Doug of the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, a nominee in last year's Vendys) serving up some of his finest soft serve (made of green Peeps tails) from his sweet truck (fashioned from two Peeps boxes).

Wow, that one yellow Peep is hungry! Ordered a double cone! Unfortunately our fingers weren't tiny enough to make BGICT's Trix cereal and caramelized bacon toppings.


And in Peeps world, just like in our world, kebabs are also a big deal. We skewered up some tender, meaty chunks (made of orange Peeps), which are being sold from a cart inspired by Freddy the King of Falafel in Queens. Since you can't wait in his line (in real life) without hearing a "YEAH BABY" or two, and some whistling, we had to throw in that talk bubble.


The background is wallpapered with real photos from past Vendys. Yes, the Peeps world and human worlds collide here. Try not to overthink that one.

Note: None of the food was made from colors of actual "living" Peeps in the scene. There is no Peep cannibalism happening in this box.

Special Thanks

To Amy Kantrowitz (a real-life Vendys organizer), Brownie (of Blondie and Brownie) and our own Carey Jones for making this vision become a reality.

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