Leftovers: The Day's Stray Links

  • Hubby Hubby: D.C. gay couples celebrate their newly granted marriage freedoms at Ben & Jerry's. [DCist]
  • Seattle Cheese Festival: Think you got the best grilled cheese recipe? Enter it before May 1.
  • WSJ Abandons Restaurant Criticism: Raymond Sokolov leaves the paper after his editors asked him to report on food trends instead. [Diner's Journal]
  • Pirohis: Also spelled pirogi and pierogi, these dumplings are especially popular for Lenten dinners when filled with potato and cheese. [Washington Post]
  • Italian Subs in Chicago: A tour of six delis to find the best. [PC]
  • Snobbish Baristas: A barista responds to readers' questions on "third-wave coffee" snobbery. [Diner's Journal]
  • Caviar Cubes: An acquired taste, even for caviar lovers. [CT]
  • Avocado Pound Cake: Bet you never thought of that one! [JtB]
  • Lox Drama: Orthodox rabbis decide lox isn't kosher due to tiny parasitic worms. [NYP]