It's Time for Serious Eats Peeps Week 2010


[Photograph: Robyn Lee]

People always seem to have complicated relationships with Peeps, the marshmallowy mascot of Easter. You either love or hate them, just like cilantro or blue cheese. We've got a few haters among us at Serious Eats world headquarters, but we still can't pass them in the Easter candy section without staring into their brown, beady eyes and buying them in every color. And so, we did, and came up with a week's worth of Peeps action for you.

Last year during the inaugural edition of Peeps Week we deep-fried them, transformed them into S'mores (aka S'meeps!), made a batch from scratch, and put them on a stick. This year, with the help of Peeps enthusiast Grace Kang, our former intern who's finishing up her senior year at Dartmouth, we brainstormed some new Peepserific projects and will roll them out each day this week.

The Serious Eats Peeps Contest

We're also adding a contest this year. What's the most interesting way you can use Peeps? It can be a recipe, a diorama, or other creative project. To enter, share a photo on Photograzing and send an explanation of your entry (or a link to your blog post explaining it) here before Sunday, April 4, at midnight. We'll think of a really terrific prize in the meantime.