Another Kind of Irish Breakfast: Queen of Tarts in Dublin


[Photos: Queen of Tarts; Flickr: wolfsavard]

A full Irish breakfast may come with eggs, rashers, and white pudding, but my personal favorite Irish breakfast—and, in truth, one of my favorite breakfasts anywhere—is of a slightly sweeter nature, found at the Queen of Tarts in Dublin. While there's truly nothing bad on the menu (and I've tasted everything), I'm happiest with just a thick, buttered slice of the house-baked brown bread. Or the creamy steel-cut porridge, topped with an apple compote that tastes of cider and spice. Or maybe a buttery raspberry scone, served with a dainty pot of jam that's hardly needed, with enormous plump berries dissolving and staining the dough.

But by the time you're into fruit-and-pastry territory, it's not too early for a plum tart—or a hot blackberry and apple crumble, either. Really, I'd just recommend tasting your way through the menu, a pot of tea by your side. The great thing about the teatime tradition? Extra time for sweets.

On more than one three-day weekend in Dublin, I've managed to stop by the Queen of Tarts three or four times. But I'm sure there are others who have me beat. Once you first step into this charming tearoom—and once you get a taste of their scones—it's hard to stay away.

The Queen of Tarts

4 Cork Hill, Dame Street, Dublin Ireland (map)

Cow's Lane, Dame Street, Dublin Ireland (map)