Do You Have a Hard Time Eating Animal-Shaped Foods?


[Photographs: Dia™]

There are vegans and vegetarians, and then there's a subgroup (likely very small) of people who aren't necessarily either, but get freaked out by eating foods shaped like animals. This topic came up after yesterday's poll, where we asked you to name what part of the chocolate Easter bunny you usually bite into first. But for some people, the shapes bring back too many memories of stuffed animals or pets. Eat something that resembles Fluffy?!

JoanieLSpeak admitted to feeling this way when seeing heads or faces on food reminiscent of living creatures. "I specifically remember watching an episode of Mr. Roger's where he talked about this. I think he may have used an animal shaped popsicle as an example. He talked about how it was ok to feel bad about eating animal shaped food."

As a longtime goldfish owner, I've never had qualms about eating the cheddary Pepperidge Farm snack by the handful. Same goes for Teddy Grahams and Gummi Worms (though I've never owned a pet bear or worm). Do you have a hard time eating animal-shaped foods?