The Flavor Spoon May Be Your Weapon Against Bad Cooking


[Photograph: Matt Brown]

We mentioned Matt Brown's self-slicing pizza concept yesterday, but the Italy-based interaction/industrial designer has also come up with the Flavor Spoon, a prototype gadget that may eventually rescue even Salpico's mother-in-law's cooking

This is a two part spoon, the pink part can hold garlic or other chunky spices, and when the white part is put over it, every bit you take will have some of the extra flavor you have inside. I've tried just eating hot water with it (while the had spoon garlic and peppers inside) and it actually worked.

Of course, if you were to use it to give some flavor to a bad cook's meal, you'd probably have to make up an elaborate story to cover why you're using your own weird-looking utensil.