Shamrock Shake Returns to Select McDonald's, But Disappoints This Year

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You may notice the seasonal McDonald's menu addition popping back up at select locations: the almighty Shamrock Shake. The St. Patrick's Day promotion is just a green, minty shake, but has inspired a cultish following—some of us have even embarked on an emotional roller coaster to locate it. Thanks to though, which lists the latest sightings, the hunt is a little easier.

But this year, maybe we'll be less crazed to chase the shake. According to Kyra Kyles, it's not as minty and comes topped with a mound of whipped cream and cherry:

I'm not going to lie to you and say I didn't drink it all, but disappointment ensued after one sip. I found the whipped cream and cherry a distraction. The mint quotient in this shake was low and the vanilla factor way too high. It was barely even green! This wasn't a Shamrock Shake as I remember it. To paraphrase a Spike Lee film title, I felt sham-boozled.

Sham-boozled?! She went there. But as a true Sham Lover, she persevered, this time ordering another round of shakes sans cream and cherry.

Nope, strike two! This shake was even more vanilla than the first. What in the heck is going on? Talk to me, McDonald's....Are you holding back on the mint to offer the limited menu item longer? Or have you lost the freaking formula somewhere behind the Mac Snack Wrap recipe?

Many of Kyra's readers have agreed, adding gripes. According to one:


[Photograph: @tmojay]

McD's milkshake machines don't mix the syrup well. You almost need to stir it up a bit as you can see in the new clear cups how its half syrup and half vanilla sake...Speaking of the cups they are the smaller, "Mc Cafe" cups and no longer the soda cups used before. the plastic cups are much colder to the touch than the 'paper' cups used for soda (and previously for McD's shakes)...I don't care for the whipped cream or cherry either. I saw they are doing that for all shakes. I have them hold those.

This is not good. Have you had one yet this year? Was it a letdown?

Information that you might want to know: a 32-ounce Shamrock Shake contains 1,110 calories and 26 grams of fat, according to the McDonald's website.

Bonus Video: Shamrock Shake Commercial, 1983


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