McDonald's Sweet Chili Sauce for Chicken McNuggets: How Does It Taste?

"It's like duck sauce mixed with red pepper flakes."


OK, McDonald's, OK. Your commercials during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics have broken me. It's like I could not resist trying the limited-edition special Sweet Chili McNugget Sauce when I passed one of your numerous locations today. (For those of you not watching Olympic coverage on NBC, and therefore the numerous McD's commercials, this sauce is only available during the Winter Games.) Glistening sauce porn, after the jump.


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What does it taste like? Sweet and mildly hot. Not too hot, of course. As Erin Zimmer here at SE said:

If a secret fast-food constitution exists, I believe one of the laws would be "Food can claim to be spicy but not actually make a person break a sweat, let alone reach for a glass of water." Mass-marketed food can't get too high on the Scoville scale without turning off a huge audience...

That's true here. There's a mild afterburn but nothing that's going to knock your ass flat out. Which is good, because if you can believe McD's marketing, there's a veritable orgy of McNugget-eating going on in the Olympic Village, and we certainly wouldn't want our athletes feeling spiceburn on the slopes and rinks.


Or, imagine this: It's like duck sauce mixed with red pepper flakes. In fact, after the Olympics are over and you can no longer get this stuff, you could probably duplicate it using those ingredients.