Select Food-Related Super Bowl Ads: Which Was Your Favorite? [now with poll!]

We've gathered our favorite food-related ads from the Super Bowl here in this post. Relive them or watch them for the first time and tell us what you thought. My favorites were ... well, I'm not going to say because I don't want to influence voting for anyone who takes the poll at the end.

Snickers: Betty White Tackled

Doritos: 'House Rules' (The Little Kid Settin' His Mom's Date Straight)

Doritos: 'Underdog' (The No-Bark Collar One)

Bud Light: 'Light House' (House Made of Bud Light Cans)

Coca-Cola: Simpsons (Mr. Burns Goes Broke)

Bud Light: 'Stranded' (Lost Parody)

Budweiser 'Clydesdale Fence'

Denny's 'Chickens Across America' (Not-Enough-Eggs/Screaming Chickens)

Dr Pepper Cherry 'Doctor Love, Little Kiss'

Bud Light T-Pain Autotune