Attention Peeps Haters: You May Actually Like the New Chocolate-Covered Peeps


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]


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While cruising down the aisles of a Washington D.C. Walgreens recently, I was smacked in the face with the the Easter candy aisle. Wait, what month is it again? Did Valentine's Day already happen? Bunny-shaped chocolates and jelly bean eggs were stocked from floor-to-ceiling. Ah yes, and there it was: the shelf devoted to Peeps products.

They had the usual five-packs in ranging pastel colors with both members of the marshmallow animal kingdom (chicks and bunnies) well-represented. But one small yellow wrapper advertised "New!"


20100225-peeps-bitten.jpgThis year, Just Born launched individually-wrapped chocolate covered Peeps (in both dark and milk chocolate flavors). It's nothing revolutionary, but maybe this is finally where they woo Peeps haters. Biting into it, you don't really think about Peeps. You just taste a chocolate-covered marshmallow blob. Granted, it has bright yellow guts, but it's not that far off from eating a Valomilk, Mallo Cup, or another cheap drugstore candy made with a super sweet chocolate shell and a stretchy, marshmallowy center.


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