Are You Giving Up Anything for Lent?


Must. Resist. Temptation.... So. Hard.* [Photograph: AR15]

I was working on our annual post asking y'all what, if anything, you're giving up for Lent**, but it looks like Foodieteen beat me to the punch in Talk: Lenten Sacrifices? (Damg, you guys are fast!)

So if you celebrate Lent or just want to play hypothetical abstinence with those who do, head on over and dish »

(I'm giving up soda, which will be tough. But I'm sure my fiancée, who gives me the eye whenever I order the stuff in her presence, is happy to hear it.)

* I'm not trying to make light of religion with the use of Stains the Dog as an illustration here. Just trying to keep it light and not veer too heavily into religious iconography on the site because ...

** ... I know we're all of mixed belief (or lack thereof) 'round these parts. I don't want to step on any toes. Just figure that a large portion of people may be observing and wanting to talk.