This Week's Tasty 10

According to our handy site-metering utility, the top 10 most delicious items across the Serious Eats family of sites this week were ...


1. Roundup: Fish Taco Chains in Southern California "...Call me crazy, but when I return home to Southern California, it's not really In-N-Out that I crave--it's the fish tacos. You can find a good burger in many pockets of the world but fresh, un-nasty fish tacos? Not so much. Here's a roundup of the SoCal staple from some local chains."

2. The Burger Lab: Why Double Fry French Fries? "If Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have taught us anything at all, it's that sometimes, when you combine two extraordinarily simple things, the results can get a little complicated. Case in point: french fries...."

3. How do you eat for a week for $50? "All suggestions welcome and needed: How do you plan a weekly menu thats nutrious with only $50 and bare cupboards?"

4. The Top 10 Most-Googled Recipes of 2009 Chili was No. 1, followed by meatloaf, and cheesecake....

5. Poll: What's Your Favorite Grocery Chain? "We spend a good chunk of time cruising the aisles of our neighborhood grocery stores, sometimes even bypassing multiple others just to get to our favorite one. Grocery chain loyalties can get personal, right up there with sports teams and peanut butter brands. We've made a list of 10 popular chains (sorry if we missed a few of your beloved local spots, like Berkeley Bowl in Northern California or Schnucks in the Midwest). But of these biggies, where do you like to pick up your vittles?"

6. NFL Playoffs Serious Eats-Style: Which Food Cities Rule Off the Field? "At Serious Eats we like our football just like everyone else. But we can't help it. We do add our own competitive wrinkle, namely—you guessed it—food. We'll let the players settle football bragging rights on the field. But we can judge which city reigns supreme when it comes to serious vittles. So without further ado, here's the NFL playoffs, Serious Eats style...."

7. Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Winter Vegetables? "Sure, as soon as the weather dips below 40°F you buy cartons of butternut squash soup, but how well do you really know your winter veggies? This diverse group of leafy greens and roots offers healthy options for the long, cold winter. Take this quiz to acquaint yourself with them »"

8. French in a Flash: Boeuf aux Carottes "...This dish may not classify at first glance as 'in a Flash,' as it cooks for three hours. In fact, French police interrogators are nicknamed, so I've been told, 'boeuf carottes' because they take so long in questioning their suspects. But I find immense primitive satisfaction at browning bits of short rib to a crust in hot oil in a deep enamel pot and methodically slicing carrots into coins. The short ribs are not traditional, and you could certainly substitute stew meat, but I adore the stringy softness of short ribs so much that I use them anywhere I can...."

9. Only in Queens: Union Amore Brick Oven Pizza Hookah & B.B.Q. Lounge "...They also have sushi and ice cream--just in case you're pregnant and crave a tuna roll, pizza, ice cream, kebabs, and water pipes...."

10. I'm new and so were you at one time. Help me be a good member "...I know not to be a "shill," I know not to "plug" my blog (if I had one), and I know not to write in caps unless I am yelling. So what else can you tell me to help me be a good little member? How long do the questions stay active? What do I need to keep in mind especially with time limitations for responses, etc. Please share your unique problems when you first joined...I would really be appreciative and you will save me (and perhaps many others) a good deal of frustration. If this has already been discussed, then tell me how I could have found this out :)...."