Street Food Profiles: The Green Gringo in Boulder, Colorado

Note: It's time for another edition of Street Food Profiles. This week we scoot to Colorado for Boulder's hippest new food truck—a day-glo green one might we add.


Name: The Green Gringo
Vendors: Cyrus Stoker and Chris Long
Twitter: @TheGreenGringo
Location and Hours: Boulder, Colorado. Windows usually open for business around 11 a.m. daily.

What's on the menu? Slow-cooked pork tacos, shrimp tacos with avocado, chile-rubbed beef brisket sandwiches, vegan burgers with balsamic onions and pepper greens, rotating soups, fresh-cut sweet potato fries and warm doughnuts. (With plenty of gluten-free options.)

How long have you been street fooding? Just started on October 31, 2009.

Why a mobile business over brick-and-mortar? It's authentic and has more of a backbone.

Describe a typical day from start to finish. Up at 6 a.m. to prep and load, then we hit the local businesses for ingredients, then move into town and stick around for the downtown latenighters, then wrap it up for the day.

What were you doing before this? Chris Long was formerly the sous chef of Black Cat in Boulder and a line cook at Charlie Trotters. Cyrus Stroker was a former manager of The Kitchen, also in Boulder.

What makes your food so special? Can anything else like it be found in the city? We're the only food truck in Boulder and around 90% of our menu is Colorado-local. We are as "eco" as they come—every component coming off this truck is compostable or recyclable. We even have solar panels on the rooftop that generate power for our stereo, lights, and other accessories.

How would you define "street food"? Authentic comfort food that doesn't cost much and tastes great.

The best street food city and why. Mexico City. The street food scene is incredible from the tortas to tacos or fresh squeezed juices everything is incredible. Hard-working individuals making a living.

Your comfort food after a long day? Fried chicken and mashed potatoes.

Advice for an aspiring vendor? The simpler the better.