Meatloaf as Medium: 'Meatloaf Creations' Goes There


Clockwise from top left: Obama meatloaf; zombie meatloaf with pesto-spaghetti hair and hard-boiled egg eyes; SpongeBob Squareloaf; snowman loaf with turnip purée as body coloring. [Photographs: Meatloaf Creations]

And you thought meatloaf cupcakes were the extent to which you could trompe l'oeil with ground meat and accompanying vegetable matter? Allow me to introduce you to the blog Meatloaf Creations, which turns the iconic American comfort food into a medium of expression you'd never dreamed of.


It's FUN! My kids love to get their hands messy in meat! When they help make their food, they're more likely to eat it. Which brings me to... It's Sneaky. Meatloaf is the ultimate place to hide veggies. Just give 'em a whirl in the food processor before adding to your meat.