KFC's New Fiery Grilled Wings

"More like fiery-ish."


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

If a secret fast-food constitution exists, I believe one of the laws would be "Food can claim to be spicy but not actually make a person break a sweat, let alone reach for a glass of water." Mass-marketed food can't get too high on the Scoville scale without turning off a huge audience, so we figured KFC's new Fiery Grilled Wings wouldn't be that crazy.


Sure enough, no real mouth burnage happens. No tears were shed. Real heat freaks will scoff. You call that fiery, KFC?! More like fiery-ish but hey, not bad for fast-food standards. It's on the same level as Taco Bell's hot sauce packets, so don't be intimidated by the flame illustrations. What's really crazy here is how much chicken they pack on that little wing.

KFC's Fiery Grilled Wings vs. Regular Fried Wings


So much you start to wonder, are those even wings? Yikes, maybe don't think too hard about the genetic modifications that go into producing what KFC ads are calling the "BIG WING." Apparently they're packing 50 percent more chicken meat onto that little bone.

It's nice to have a substantial bite. Skimpy wings—all sauce, no real meat underneath—have always seemed sad to me.

And since they're grilled, not fried, they're slightly better for you than the normal crispy option. KFC first started grilling chicken last year, and this is the latest addition to the KGC menu. "Grilled" also means they come with those fake-looking (painted on? With little paintbrushes?) grill marks.

If you're already ordering KFC wings for your Super Bowl party—and of all the big fast-fooderies, KFC does the job the best—definitely throw in an order of these. You'll fill up the crowd twice as fast with half as many wings, and feel tough for ordering Fiery (without crying or experiencing any crazy mouth contortions).

KFC Fiery Grilled Wings are available in the following order sizes: 5 pieces for $3.99, 20 for $13.99 and 30 for $21.99. Unfortunately you can't mix them with other flavors; they're sold on their own.

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