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In season October through March, rutabagas are often referred to as table turnips or swedes. These brassicas are members of the mustard family, and are one of the most commonly grown and widely adapted root crops. The rutabaga is very similar to the turnip except that it generally has yellowish flesh, a denser root and smooth, waxy leaves similar to cabbage.

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Originating in Scandinavia or Russia, rutabagas became highly popular during the end of the 18th century in England. The root vegetable ranges from tan to rich violet in color and is larger in size than a turnip. When selecting rutabagas look for smooth, heavy, and firm roots. Smaller rutabagas that are around four inches in diameter tend to have a sweeter flavor than larger varieties. You can store rutabagas for up to two weeks in the refrigerator or keep them at room temperature for about one week.

When preparing rutabagas, wash them thoroughly and peel the waxy skin before cooking. Low in calories and rich in vitamin C, this seasonal vegetable can be a great ingredient in many dishes. Check out the recipes below featuring the seasonal rutabaga.


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