Homemade Goat Cheese Sounds Pretty Easy


[Photograph: Kiss My Spatula]


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A new year's resolution you should set? (Unless you're lactose-intolerant maybe.) Make goat cheese from scratch! Kiss My Spatula did and swears the distinct, clean, and tangy taste of the artisanal cheese pucks will blow your mind. Your salads, crostinis, pizzas, omelets, cheese plates, and beyond will take on an entirely new meaning.

Basically, all you do is buy yourself a quart of goat's milk. Simmer it. Add some lemon juice. Tie it up in a little pouch. Leave it out to dry. And then....here comes the hard part. Wait. Drip, drip, drippity drip. In a bit over an hour, you'll have, at your fingertips, a batch of homemade goat cheese.

That sounds awfully too easy not to make.

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