Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 100: Happy New Year, Serious Eaters



20080306-scale.jpgHappy New Year, serious eaters. May your 2010 be filled with lots of seriously delicious food (eaten in moderation, of course—this is, after all, a serious diet post) with people whose company you enjoy. That's in fact what we strive to do every day on Serious Eats, and to the extent that we succeed, it's largely because of the warm embrace we receive from the ever-growing community of serious eaters all over the world.

But this being a diet post, I hope you allow me to indulge in the age-old practice of New Year's resolutions.

They are a cliche—I know that. But nonetheless I am going to lay mine on you. (Plus, I know you are probably thinking about yours as well, so I want you to lay yours on me.) Between all of the serious eaters who read the diet posts we should be able to come up with a meaningful list that we can all pick and choose from.


No more of these guys.

Ed's New Year's Resolutions

1. No more empty calories. Bad chocolate chip cookies, bad potato chips, and bad ice cream have no place in a serious eater's life. I'm going to save my calories for seriously delicious things that are worth the calories.

2. I'm going to try not to give in to the "I may never get here again" rationalization for senseless binging. When it comes to food there is invariably a next time. That extra piece of perfect fried chicken is not necessary. It's in fact detrimental to my health.

3. Increase my exercise frequency to five days a week. Squash three times a week is not enough exercise for a serious eater like me. Whether it's weight training or biking or fast-walking I've got to pick up the pace.

4. Avoid participating in the Serious Eats taste tests at the outset. Carey and I seemed to figure out a system that worked for everyone by the end of her monthlong search for the best chocolate chip cookie in New York. Now it's up to me to make sure we implement that system in the taste tests to come.

5. Stay the course on my serious diet. My weight has been creeping up in the last few months. I have no excuses. The trend line is going to change.


I'm afraid that my New Year's resolutions have come too late to help me much during this particular, ever-treacherous holiday season. We were in Boston for a few days taking a break, but I arrived in Beantown with a long list of places I wanted to try, so our break did not include a break from serious eating.

Here we go. 223. Up a pound from last week. That's it for the upward weight creep. See above for details.

Once again, happy new year, Serious Eaters, wherever you are.